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Ligurian basil pesto

THE CHAIN ​​OF PESTO The cultivation and harvesting of basil Basil is the main ingredient of the "Pesto alla Genovese". As one of the most representative crops typical of Liguria, it is the symbol of a cuisine of Mediterranean flavors and an agriculture suspended over the sea. Starting from the city of Genoa (hence "Genovese"), the production area has expanded already many years ago in the region. The quality of basil depends in large part from 'environment' in which it is grown and whole Ligurian Riviera is ideal, given the particular climatic conditions of its territory: an abundant solar radiation in conjunction with a mild climate sheltered from cold winds North and where the sea breeze plays a decisive role. Over the years, some areas of Liguria are specialized in the cultivation of basil: Pra / Voltri in the western suburbs of Genoa, Albenga, Andora and Diano Marina. The specialization has allowed us to develop cultivation techniques aimed at a continuous improvement of the quality of the basil and the maintenance of natural principles and its exceptional organoleptic qualities. In 2011 was established the DOP for Genovese basil with a rigorous discipline that serves to ensure the quality of the product and preserve its environment. The fertilization of the soil is carried out in May. After a while you proceed with the plowing and soil disinfestation with steam heat brought by special pipes up to 30 cm. depth without then use chemical pesticides. In June, the sowing is done in parallel rows and spaced to allow for future handpicked; watering should be daily and regular. After about a month after sowing the plant has reached full maturity and then you start the collection that is made with manual cutting of the upper part of the plant. The basil harvest is brought immediately to the production plant where he began working with pesto. Regard processing of pesto should first be noted that, for the production of our pesto, we use only PDO Genoese basil harvest in the valley of Andora. First you need to wash the basil thoroughly with running water. This is followed by centrifugation, which allows the basil to dry completely in order to significantly lower the moisture content of the finished product on which the long-term storage of pesto. Dry basil iis then chopped with special blenders to prevent overheating of the product thus preserving the scent and flavor of the product. Lastly, add the other ingredients to complete the recipe. The choice of these ingredients is crucial. The extra virgin olive oil should be delicate and of excellent quality so as not to cover the nuances of flavor and aroma of basil. The Italian pine nuts must be of first choice. The garlic should be easily digestible and cheese (pecorino and / or parmesan) very seasoned to avoid compromising the preservation of the product. The pesto thus obtained is then packed in sterilized jars. Finally, there is still extra virgin olive oil on the surface to keep the product in a natural way without the need to use preservatives.

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