The Albenga area

The agricultural area by Albenga, which extends between the valleys of Capo Noli and Capo Cervo, gives rise to a very high quality production with four typical agricultural products above all others:





TRUMPET ZUCCHINI: takes its name from its distinctive shape that makes it particularly decorative for the gardens of the Riviera Ligure. Light green in color, is appreciated for the particularly sweet taste that differs from all other varieties of Zucchini.

THORNY ARTICHOKE: in addition to the color purple, the thorny artichoke is characterized by the consistency of the inner leaves that are exceptionally tender, crispy and sweet, suitable to be consumed raw in oil.

VIOLET ASPARAGUS: The favourable microclimate and the sandy soil allow the cultivation of this vegetable in Albenga plan, unique in the world, with deep purple coloring feature that fades toward the base. The taste is soft, buttery, delicate and sweet and accompanies ideally fish and white meats.

OX HEART TOMATO ‘CUORE DI BUE’: the fruit is large and irregular with colour from green to pink to red according to ripeness. The flesh is firm and with few seeds and is therefore particularly suitable to be eaten raw in salads. The taste is mild, pleasant and slightly acid.

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