The History

In 1462, following the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines, moved to Stellanello Sir Francesco Divizia, wealthy Lord of Perugia, who bought many lands and devoted himself to the cultivation of olives ...

Starts by far our history and since then, between a continuous alternation of crops more or less lucky, and famines, we arrived today. Certainly the experience of family Divizia, handed down from generation to generation, is great, how great is the attachment to the hills of Liguria, to Stellanello and to its olive trees. Returning mind back in time, it emerges the memory of the old oil mill of my Grandfather "Chichin", and of the more modern of my father and his brothres, where I spent most of my childhood ...

Thanks to the efforts of my uncles in recent years, the family tradition has been enriched with new recipes and new products like the true Ligurian basil pesto and delicious vegetable pâté.

The recent success of the product line "La Bella Angiolina" led us to open a new branch office in Albenga, while production is always carried out in the laboratory of Stellanello, led by my cousin Francesco.

Tradition, experience and passion ... These are the main ingredients of our work. The appreciation and respect of our clients ... the best reward!

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