Pizza in the Albenga style

4 or 5 onions, 1 kg. tomatoes, 700 gr. flour, 30 gr. yeast, 7 or 8 anchovies, milk, extravirgin olive oil, salt, olives and garlic (to have it softer, replace 200gr flour with 200 gr. durum wheat flour)

Brown onions over low heat (they don’t have to get golden); when almost ready, add tomatoes and cook them slowly. Put the pan away from heat and add anchovies until melted. Prepare dough: melt yeast in tepid water and add 200 gr flour. Put it rise in a tepid place; when doubled, add the remaining flour, milk, extravirgin olive oil and salt. Knead it well until smooth and springy. Put it in an oiled baking pan and let it rise. Then, add the sauce, top with olives and garlic and put it in preheated oven.