With the first heat you know, you want fresh and light dishes.

The fennel and feta salad will be ideal for your summer lunches.An inviting recipe to amaze your family or your guests, an inviting and alternative fennel salad: the crispy FENNELS are cut into slices not too thin and added to the FETA cut into cubes. It is seasoned with good extra virgin olive oil, in this case we opted for our Divizia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which, being an intense fruity oil, goes well with the important structure of a vegetable such as fennel and the strong flavor of FETA, the juice of 1 lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Pay attention to the salt as the feta is already very tasty.

To embellish the dish you can add a choice of walnuts, peeled almonds or pine nuts.

You just have to start preparing your new fresh and healthy summer salad!