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Liqueur with Chinotto of Savona


A few years ago the cultivation of Chinotto of Savona was disappearing because it was not sufficiently profitable for the very few farmers in the area (from Varazze to Finale Ligure). Thanks to the recognition of Slow Food which has established a garrison of the product, new trees have been planted and now the product’s reputation has crossed national borders and has fans all over the world. We have decided to buy the fruit from a serious grower of Finale Ligure and we have identified the first two products derived from the processing of Chinotti to offer to customers. The Liqueur Chinotto of Savona strikes through the power given by the digestive properties of the fruit  and, at the same time, for the sweetness of alcohol-based liqueur. Rinds of chinotto are put in alcoholic infusion for a long period. The result is a liqueur with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste and low alcohol content. The flavor is mild but persistent, its citrusy scent comes from the precious essential oils contained in the rind.