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Basil Pesto with DOP Genoese Basil without Garlic 80 gr


Ligurian pesto without garlic with PDO Genoese basil 80 gr

Typical condiment of traditional Ligurian cuisine, produced with DOP Genoese Basil, ideal to be enjoyed with “trenette”, the famous Ligurian pasta, (diluted with two tablespoons of cooking water or extra virgin olive oil), but also on rice, on croutons … Recipe that includes the union of Genoese basil D.O.P. , with extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, walnuts, Grana Padano DOP cheese, sea salt. Light green color and round and special taste. These are the simple ingredients of a quality Pesto that best combines the needs of modern distribution with the traditional Ligurian recipe.

Shelflife: 18 months from production

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