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In Vessalico – a small town located in the Upper Arroscia Valley, inland from Albenga, on the ancient road that connects the Ligurian west with neighboring Piedmont, a high quality garlic is born.

Vessalico garlic is very fragrant, with a delicate aroma, intense flavor, well known for its high digestibility due both to the chemical and organoleptic properties (which depend on the climate and the soil) and to the fact that the internal soul it is small in size and develops quite late.

These characteristics have made it known outside the Ligurian borders, above all because they allow all those who poorly digest common garlic to be able to taste the traditional recipes of pesto, bagna cauda and aiè.

Aiè is a sauce made with egg yolk, olive oil and garlic. The preparation is similar to that of mayonnaise but the production method we use gives us a compact consistency making it ideal not only to accompany boiled meats but also to create delicious canapes and season Trenette with the addition of anchovies in oil and fresh parsley.

Format: 80 gr